04 May 21 |
Angola updates new measures and control of the spread of Covid-19

Presidential Decree no. 106/21, of 28 April - Updating the measures for the prevention and control of the spread of the SARS-Co-2 and COVID-19 viruses in the Republic of Angola

Presidential Decree no. 106/21, of 28 April - Updating the measures for the prevention and control of the spread of the SARS-Co-2 and COVID-19 viruses in the Republic of Angola

With the substantial increase in cases of covid-19 in recent weeks, including cases of the English and South African variant, it has become imperative to urgently adopt enhanced prevention measures for covid-19.

The state of calamity is maintained but with new measures that had to be brought forward (contrary to what had been determined in the previous decree that the measures previously applied would remain in force until 9 May), the new measures came into force on 29 April and will last until 28 May 2021, unless urgent measures become unavoidable at any time.

Measures that have changed:

  1. Public administrative services reduce workforce to 50% limit, with operation from 8am to 3pm;
  2. Administrative services of the private sector and public companies reduce the work force up to 75% and working hours from 6am to 4pm;
  3. Prevalence of teleworking and shift work for public and private services;
  4. Ban on the presence of the public/spectators in federated competitions;
  5. Reduction of hours for individual sports activities on public roads from 5.30am to 7.30am and from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, with no more than 5 people in a group;
  6. Commercial establishments (commerce of goods and services) with opening hours from 7am to 8pm, limitation up to 75% of their capacity for both workers and clients and its violation subject to fine or closure of the establishment;
  7. Restaurants and similar establishments with opening hours from 6am to 8pm and take-away until 10pm, with a 50% capacity limitation, maximum of 4 persons per table, counter service and self-service and dance floors prohibited;
  8. Markets and street vending keep the same opening hours (Tuesday to Saturday), but change the opening hours until 4pm;
  9. Activities held in closed spaces, maximum of 100 people per room (as long as the space and distance rules allow it);
  10. Religious activities held every day, with a 50% capacity limit;
  11. Activities for meetings with a limit of 50% of the capacity of the space;
  12. Non-dance music performances are allowed until 8pm and with 50% of the space's capacity;
  13. Funeral ceremonies: the number of participants is reduced to 15, but in the case of covid-19 the number of 5 people is maintained.

Continuing measures:

  1. Obligatory use of face masks on the public highway and in all enclosed spaces (markets, schools, public transport, churches, etc.), reinforcement of the sanction which is a fine ranging from Akz 15,000 to 20,000;
  2. Preventing citizens who are not wearing masks from entering closed places;
  3. National health fence prohibiting entry and exit from national territory, except for existing situations (of 1 flight per week to abroad);
  4. Prohibition of movement between provinces without testing;
  5. Obligatory home and institutional quarantine rules, violation subject to fine of Akz 250,000 to 300,000;
  6. Home isolation is maintained for citizens with covid but asymptomatic; 
  7. Home confinement from 10 pm to 5 am, recommendation to abstain from circulation on public roads;
  8. School activities are maintained for all levels of education for all schools (national and foreign schools);
  9. Gymnasiums in closed spaces and the gymnasiums;
  10. Ban on festive activities ,
  11. Night clubs prohibited;
  12. Activities in open spaces with a minimum distance of 2m between people;
  13. Non-home partying prohibited (i.e. hall parties), if not subject to seizure of goods (such as stereos, etc.);
  14. Home gatherings up to a maximum of 15 people (but may only be held in private homes and not in party halls);
  15. Public gatherings of up to 10 persons;
  16. Collective public transport with a capacity of 75%;
  17. Beaches, swimming pools and bathing areas prohibited.


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