30 November 23 | Lisboa
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Portuguese Medical Association

Amendments to the Statute of the Portuguese Medical Association, were sent to the President of the Republic for consideration

Decree 97/XV, which amends the Statute of the Portuguese Medical Association, was sent to the President of the Republic for consideration on 23rd November. This Decree results from the government's initiative to change the statutes of 20 professional associations, approved in Parliament on 13th October.

In addition to the changes covering the professional associations in general as previously reported (https://www.tol-legal.pt/en/news/Professional-Associations/157/), there are also a number of changes specific to the Medical Association which should be highlighted.

Firstly, the government has now the competence to define the medical internship training programmes and review them every five years, after consulting the Medical Association.

The new legislation also establishes that the Minister of Health is responsible for defining and reviewing the criteria for suitability and training capacity, as well as identifying suitable services and their training capacity, after hearing the Medical Association.

Additionally, the creation, composition, competences and operating methods of the medical specialities are defined in a regulation which only takes effect after the Minister of Health’s approval and is subject to a binding opinion from the supervisory board.

Regarding cases of appeals, doctors can appeal against deliberations which refuse the registration within a specialty to the supervisory board or, alternatively, to the Minister of Health who, after hearing the Medical Association, can issue a decision in favour of the doctor. Furthermore, the interested parties can also appeal against decisions which refuse registration with the Association to the Minister of Health.

The decree also determines that the heads of health institutions cannot be part of the Medical Association’s bodies, as performing these functions simultaneously is considered a conflict of interest.

The President of the Republic will now hear the National Council of Professional Associations today, 30th November.

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