01 March 21 | Lisboa
COVID-19 Relevant Legislation March 2021

Relevant legislation passed during March 2021

State of Emergency

i. Decree Law 4/2021 regulating the State of Emergency decreed by the President of the Republic
ii. Decree of the President of the Republic nº 25-A/2021 of March 11th renewing the Declaration of State of Emergency
iii. Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 77-B/20211, of 11 March, Authorising the renewal of the state of emergency

In the Healthcare sector

i. Resolution of the Council of Ministers nº19/2021 of 13 March, establishing strategies for the lifting of containment measures in the fight against the pandemic
ii. Administrative Rule no. 56/2021, of 12 March, establishes an exceptional and temporary regime for the self-testing of rapid antigen tests, intended, by their manufacturers, to be carried out on samples from the anterior internal nasal area
iii. Deliberation No. 268/2021 of 12 March, Cases and conditions under which hospital waste transport operations are permitted in the context of the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19

In the Economic sector

i. Decree-Law 23-A/2021, of 24 March, aims to establish an update of the support measures for workers and companies, within the scope of the COVID-19 disease pandemic.
ii. Decree-Law no. 18/2021 of 12 March, modifying the credit line with subsidised interest rates for fishing sector operators
iii. Ministerial Order no. 54/2021, of 10 March, establishes an exceptional incentive to recover face-to-face consultations in primary healthcare, regulating the provisions of no. 1 of article 277 of Law no. 75-B/2020, of 31 December
iv. Ministerial Order no. 48/2021, of 4 March, establishes the procedures for anticipating European funds from the budget and for taking on pluriannual charges
v. Normative Dispatch no. 8/2021, March 3, Amends the normative dispatch to support tourism micro-enterprises
vi. Ministerial Order no. 47/2021 of 2 March, establishing exceptional and temporary measures in response to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease in the context of financial support allocated to youth associations in 2021

In the Mobility and Transport sector

i. Order No. 2807-B/2021, of 15 March, determines the authorized crossing points at the land border
ii. Order no. 2807-A/2021, of 15 March, defines the measures applicable to air traffic to and from mainland Portugal
iii. Dispatch no. 2556-A/2021, of 5 March, establishes specific rules for passengers on flights whose initial origin is the United Kingdom or Brazil and which have only stopped over or transited through airports of countries whose air traffic to mainland Portugal is authorised by Dispatch no. 2207-A/2021, of 26 February
iv. Order No. 2300-A/2021, of 1 March, extends the prohibition of landing and shore leave for passengers and crew of cruise ships in national ports

Generic measures

i. Dispatch no. 2766/2021, of March 12, Suspension of the activity of in-person delivery of road safety training actions, replaced by distance training
ii. Dispatch no. 2702-A/2021, of 10 March, determines the conditions and rules that the final assessment of the training process of the doctors who conclude the respective training in the 1st season of 2021 must observe
iii. Law no. 10/2021 of 5 March, Access to data by public entities for the confirmation of requirements for granting support under the APOIAR Programme
iv. Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 11/2021 of 3 March, creates an extraordinary programme of internships in the direct and indirect administration of the State, for the career of senior technician
v. Regulation no. 180/2021, of 2 March, approves the regulation that establishes exceptional measures in the scope of the National Electricity System and the National Natural Gas System

Autonomous Region of the Azores

i. Regional Regulatory Decree nr. 2-B/2021/A, of March 12, Regulates the application, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, of the Decree of the President of the Republic nr. 25-A/2021, of March 11 - regulates the State of Emergency

Autonomous Region of Madeira

i. Resolution 216/2021, of 1st April 2021, extends until 12th April 2021, the measures contained in Resolution nº1/2021, of 4th January, which proceeds with the adjustment and reinforcement of the measures for health protection and safety of the Madeiran population and community and of the citizens that travel to the territory of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

European Union

i. Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/442 of 11 March 2021 making the export of certain items subject to the presentation of an export authorization
ii. Commission Recommendation (EU) 2021/402 of 4 March 2021 on active and effective support for employment following the COVID-19 crisis (EASE)
iii. Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/435 of 3 March 2021 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 288/2014 as regards changes to the models for operational programmes under the Investment for growth and jobs goal and the European territorial cooperation goal to provide assistance under the thematic objective "Fostering recovery from the crisis in the context of the pandemic of COVID-19 and its social consequences and preparing for a green, digital and resilient economy recovery

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