01 June 23 | Lisboa, Luanda
TOL NEWS 35, Portugal | Angola
"Benguela Commitment"

After 20 years of negotiations, Portugal and Angola have signed an agreement that allows workers from both countries to have their social and labour rights recognised, namely retirement.

The "Benguela Commitment", signed at the 15th meeting of Labour Ministers of the Community of Portuguese speaking Countries (CPLP), aims to value the social protection of workers, ensuring that their contributory careers accompany them throughout their lives, both in Portugal and in Angola.

Consequently, Portuguese workers will be able to retire in Portugal with the benefits for the years worked in Angola and Angolan workers will be able to retire in Angola with the corresponding benefits for the years worked in Portugal.

The agreement will cover all workers who paid contributions to Social Security, both in Portugal and in Angola, and all contributions made before it comes into effect will be covered.

The government estimates that there are currently around 26,000 Angolan workers actively contributing to Social Security in Portugal and around 70,000 Portuguese workers in Angola. 

The Portuguese Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security also noted that with this agreement many people who may not be covered will have every interest in being part of the contributions, since these will be accounted for in their entire contribution career.

The "Benguela Commitment" is due to come into force on 1st January 2024.

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